Holy Quran and contemporary science

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Holy Quran and contemporary science

We are in the era of computers, laser surgery, cutting-edge medicine, and cloning! In today’s world of ongoing scientifically revolutionary discoveries, how can we trust that Allah’s revelation, The Quran, did not reveal this all before? The Qur’an, which was given more than 1,400 years ago, contains 1,000 verses of scientific knowledge, none of which contradict current scientific facts and discoveries. Muslims believe that God Himself created the entire world. (SubhanAllah)

The Quran not only instructs humanity in personal, social, moral, and spiritual matters, but it also sheds light on a wide range of scientific subjects, including astronomy, geology, embryology, genetics, biology, archaeology, and much more. The passages that follow will demonstrate to you how truly wonderful the Qur’an is as a gift from God to His creatures.

The Quran and the Big Bang Theory!

Modern Science: Astronomers today agree that the universe was created through the big bang theory. The cosmos was created, according to the hypothesis, when a primordial mass exploded 15 billion years ago. This was found in 1973, I believe.

The Quran states, “Do not let the disbelievers see that We linked the heavens and the earth together, and then We divided them.” (21:30)

Universe’s expansion

According to contemporary physics, the universe is expanding rather than remaining static as was once believed.

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According to the Qur’an, “And the firmament, which We erected with might and wisdom and, certainly, We are widening it” (51:47)

The truth about the Sun’s Orbit

Modern Science: According to earlier conceptions, the sun revolves around the planets while remaining stationary in the solar system’s center. However, according to contemporary science, the sun is also in motion, traveling at a speed of 150 miles per second. It takes the sun 200 million years to complete one revolution around the galactic center of our Milky Way galaxy, and 25 days to complete one rotation around its own axis.

According to the Quran, “It is He who created night and day, the sun and moon, and all (the heavenly bodies) swim along, each in its own orbit with its own motion.” (21:33)

Human Invasion of the Solar System

Modern Science: Human curiosity in space began to take shape after the 1957 launch of the Russian satellite Sputnik I. The goal of humans colonizing space became a reality as a result of numerous events, including man’s landing on the moon.

The Quran says, “O group of Jinns and people, enter the spheres of the heavens and the earth if you can! They are impenetrable unless you have a divine power. (55:33)

Layer of Ozone on Earth

Modern Science: Science demonstrates that meteoroids that collide with Earth frequently. Similar to how the ozone layer protects our planet and allows us to survive here, harmful UV radiation is also absorbed by it.

According to the Quran, “And We have made the sky a roof over them, yet they turn away from the Signs that these things lead to.” (21:32)

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The Origin of Humanity

Modern Science: The study of embryology demonstrates that eggs are the source of life through the use of sophisticated microscopes, ultrasound, and fiber optics technology. These are the procedures that contemporary embryology defines:

One sperm is used for fertilization out of the many tens of millions generated by men.

blastocyst implantation in the uterus

When the human embryo clings to the uterine endometrium between days 7 and 24, it resembles a leech.

The brain appears last, followed by the internal ears and then the eyes.

The Koran

“God created man from a meager amount (of sperm)” (16:4)

Then We dropped him into a realm of repose. (23:13)

The drop was transformed into a leech-like structure after that. (23:14)

You were given hearing, sight, sensation, and understanding by God. (32:9)

The Quran emphasizes significant events that are now widely acknowledged by science and depicts not only the development of external form but also internal phases, such as the stages inside the embryo of its formation and development.

Two genders are present

Modern Science: According to science, everything is separated into male and female pairs, including microbes, plants, and even animals.

According to the Quran, “Hallowed is He, Who created pairs in all things, both those that arise naturally from the earth and of their own accord and what they do not know.” (36:36)

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