If you don’t understand the Quran here are 10 things you are missing

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By sakinah

If you don’t understand the Quran here are 10 things you are missing

Do they not consider the Quran at that point? Or do their hearts have locks on them? (Quran 47:24). The Quran serves as a manual for people. It is crucial to not only read or recite the Quran but also to comprehend it and apply it to our daily lives because none of us wants to be misled.

The top ten things you miss out on every day in life if you don’t grasp the Holy Quran are as follows:


The fundamental point of revelation is lost if you continue reading the Quran without understanding it. “This is a good Book that We have revealed to you, O Prophet,” declares Allah SWT, “so that they may reflect on its passages and people of reason may be mindful.” [38:29]

How are we supposed to achieve that if we don’t comprehend the Quran? Translation is not always necessary, especially while listening to it during prayers or salah.

2. The Garden of the Mind

A garden is like the mind. Weeds will thrive in our absence of planting flowers. Weeds will continue to grow even if we plant flowers. The weeds will need to be regularly pulled out.

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The weeds are demonic thoughts, while the flowers are the guidance. Every time we hear the Quran, especially during the prayer or salah, Allah SWT plants flower seeds in our brains. They will be squandered if we don’t water them (ponder), and weeds could develop.


There are 5 goals for reading the Quran:

  • to be granted rewards by Allah;
  • to educate oneself;
  • should act in accordance with what Allah SWT is requesting of us;
  • to heal our minds and hearts; and
  • speak with Allah SWT!

Without a thorough understanding of the Quran, how can we accomplish any of these goals, especially the last four?


Most people are aware that Fajr is required, yet very few visit the mosque. Why? Not because they don’t know, but rather because of the rust in their hearts. We have a serious misunderstanding that the Quran solely contains commandments. Less than 10% of the overall verses are those that discuss the commandments. The remaining 90% is for the intellect and heart. Because of sins, the heart keeps corroding and drifting. Derusting and realignment are required.

It was requested that Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) stay away from the tree. But Allah says, “He forgot; and We found no determination in him.” These are the flaws that make us human. Around us are a number of Fitnahs (trials). We require constant reassurances and cautions, which we can only receive by reading and listening to the Quran every day. The Quran is “a remedy for the (diseases) in your hearts,” according to Allah [10:57]. Is there a more effective treatment than what Allah has recommended for us?

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The prophet ( ) received the Quran in fragments. And those who reject the Quran ask, “Why wasn’t the Quran revealed to him all at once?” As a result, We have carefully organized it so that We may use it to strengthen your heart. [25:32]. The heart must be firmly convinced of His promises and commands. Every day during and after Salah, meditating on the Qur’an helps us fortify our hearts.


The Prophet Muhammad ( ) used to participate in the reading. “And when he recited the verses that mentioned glorifying Allah, he did so, and when he recited the verses that mentioned supplicating to Allah, he did so, and when he repeated the verses that mentioned seeking refuge in the Rabb, he did so.” Muslim sahih.

Can we survive without speaking to our loved ones for at least five minutes each day? Our greatest affection is for Allah. More than seventy times as much as our mothers loved us, he does. Still, we don’t give a damn about what Allah SWT said to us during prayer or salah today.


Always keep in mind that the Quran is a live source of wisdom from Allah SWT to each person who reads or listens to it. Only if one is unable to recognize the significance of live instruction from Allah, our own Creator, is it a great loss. A intelligent person would never overlook this.


The relationship we have with Allah has many distinct facets, such as His Love, Sincerity, Trust in Him, Direct Remembrance of Him, Pondering of His Creation and in His Names, Not Complaining of Qada, etc. Over time, this relationship gets stronger. It necessitates long, slow cooking with constant heat from the Quran.

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“His (the Prophet ) values were the Quran,” said Aisha (R). The Prophet’s life served as a practical illustration of the principle contained in the Quran (thee Quran). We must continue to relate the scriptures we learn to the Prophet’s ( ) life as we study his Seerah. This in itself is a task that necessitates daily reflection on the passages and the Prophet’s Seerah ( ).


As soon as a patient begins to describe his issues, the doctor’s mind begins to focus on a diagnosis and suggests the appropriate medications. Similar scenarios occur frequently in our lives. We ought to be able to find responses to these problems in the Quran. One can only achieve this vision by reflecting on it constantly and connecting it to daily life.

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